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The Ultimate Rally Car Video from Legend Boucles de Spa


Vintage rally cars in full HD glory.

What automotive enthusiast doesn’t love watching vintage rally cars sliding around corners with their pedal to the metal? At the Legend Boucles de Spa, old rally cars came out in droves to travel around the wet, muddy circuit with their turbos spooling, wheels spinning, and engines shouting.

Luckily, it was all captured in 1080p HD, giving us automotive enthusiasts some of the best rally car video of 2012. There’s no music either, just screaming engines, squealing tires, and cheering crowds.

Almost every automaker was represented from Opel to Saab and Lancia to Ferrari, giving spectators a real treat.

[Source: ebu713 YouTube Channel]

What were your favorite cars and exhaust notes during the vintage rally car video? Leave a comment and let us know!


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