Celebrating 20 years in China with a new Ferrari 458 Special Edition

Ferrari 458 20th anniversary edition

The prancing Horse meets the golden dragon.

Twenty years ago the first Ferrari model, a 348 TS, was ordered in Beijing, China. Since then, the Chinese market has significantly grown into one of the biggest for the Italian automaker. To celebrate their 20th year in the Chinese market, Ferrari is holding the first-ever permanent brand exhibition at the Italia Center of Shanghai World Expo Park and introducing a new 20th anniversary 458 Italia.

The new Ferrari 458 Special Edition celebrates the past 20 years of the Italian automaker being in the Chinese market. The 20th anniversary 458 Italia brings together the Prancing Horse and Dragon to represent courage, success, and passion that represents the Ferrari brand and longma idiom of Chinese culture.

Ferrari 458 20th anniversary edition

The new Ferrari 458 Special Edition will be limited to just 20 units in the Chinese market and feature a Marco Polo Red exterior paint that was developed specifically for the limited run of cars. A black stripe with gold outline runs from the front hood to the rear of the 458 Italia, symbolizing the race track, and features a gold dragon on the hood. To match the golden dragon, the wheels and side winglets were also given a gold finish.

Ferrari even gave the interior of the 20th anniversary 458 a special touch. The head rests feature gold embroidery and much of the leather trim is decorated with gold stitching. The stop/start button for the engine was given the simplified Chinese character for ‘start’ and the dashboard wears a 20th Anniversary Special Edition’ plaque.

Only 20 of the Ferrari 458 Special Edition models will be produced and be strictly limited to the Chinese market. So, unless you’re in China, it’s likely that you’ll never seen one in person.

Ferrari 458 20th anniversary edition

[Source: Ferrari]

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