Friday Fail: The Lamborghini Sandwich Edition


It’s always nice when owners live up to their stereotypes.

“Oh wow, a Lamborghini!” is the typical reaction upon seeing one of the Italian super cars on the roads, unless you live in one of those wealthy zip-codes in the US or Dubai. That initial reaction of awe is usually followed by disappointment after seeing the driver of the car, who is most likely some douchebag trying to show off how rich and successful he is with his Lamborghini. Sigh, such a nice car with such an awful person behind the wheel.

But there’s a bright side to this story. What do most douchebag car owners try to do, especially when everyone is looking at their car? Show off. How does that usually end up when 500+ horses are being put to the pavement? Horribly.

And that’s exactly what we have here in this week’s Friday Fail. One douchebag driver tries to show off and it all goes horribly wrong for him and two other drivers. Luckily, nobody was hurt and this situation didn’t end up in a head-on collision. Instead, what we have here is a spicy Lamborghini sandwich with toasted CR-V and Grand Marquis bread.

The Lamborghini sandwich is extremely satisfying (for everyone except the two that were crashed into) because it involves a douchebag owner crashing his $200K+ car as he was trying to show off. Maybe he’ll think twice next time he decides to pull a stupid stunt like that. We’re so jealous.

[Source: DrCinadr YouTube Channel]

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