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Lesson not learned: Don’t take Liam Neeson’s Family


Taken 2.

When will the bad guys learn? After the first Taken movie, Liam Neeson fights off a ton of bad guys with super bad-ass CIA tricks and fight moves. You would think that after he took out close to 100 of the bad guys over in Europe, nobody would mess with him and his family, right?

Well that wouldn’t be entertaining for us now, would it?

The trailer for Taken 2: International has just started to hit the interwebs and has us all excited for the punishment that Neeson is about to inflict on the bad guys in Istanbul, Turkey after they take his wife. After the good car chase scenes involving the Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi S8 in the first movie, there looks to be a promising cast of cars in the second. So far, there’s a nice, new BMW, a Mercedes-Benz taxi, and an M-Class that explodes into a giant fireball.

After seeing how the first movie turned out and the trailer for the second, we hope that Liam Neeson’s family keeps getting kidnapped just so he can unleash a world of pain on the bad guys for our entertainment. Oh, and don’t ever park like an idiot when he’s around either.

[Source: joblomovienetwork YouTube Channel]

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