Want to be Hardcore? Crash your Aventador and Don’t Even Care

Tyga Lamborghini Aventador Crash

But make sure that you put it on Instagram.

Exotic and super cars are machines that need to be respected. They have an overwhelming amount of power and sometimes even all of the electronic aids packed inside can’t stop you from crashing them. Just ask rapper, Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson aka Tyga.

On Saturday, December 15th, Tyga crashed his Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in what appears to be the American southwest. Along with the picture, Tyga added “Just crashed my lambo. Thank God for the seatbelt!”

Hey, at least he wasn’t drunk or dumb enough to forget his seatbelt like other celebrities nowadays. We don’t know how the accident happened or the extent of the damage, but we can assure you it’s going to cost quite a bit to fix the underside of that and get all of that sound removed.

Tyga didn’t seem to really care about crashing his Lamborghini, but he also has a custom Gold Chrome Audi R8 GT and a pair of Rolls Royces sitting in his garage so he has a few nice backups.

Thank you social media!

[Source: Instagram]

Do you think you would end up in an accident if you owned a new Lamborghini Aventador? Leave a comment and let us know!


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