The new all-black Porsche Design P’9981 Black Blackberry

Porsche Design P’9981 Black

Porsche’s smartphone is back in black.

At the end of 2011, Porsche Design unveiled its new P’9981 Blackberry smart phone dressed in stainless steel and leather. Now, one year later, the P’9981 Blackberry is back and this time it wears a slick black skin that features a clean and purist design – two aspects that are featured throughout Porsche’s automobiles.

“Since the very beginning, our brand has been identified with the color black,” said Jürgen Geßler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group. “Our very first product was a completely black watch. It was a revolutionary product at the time and proved to be a great talking point all over the world. As is typical of Porsche Design, the choice of black had a functional significance. The “Chronograph I” was inspired by the non-reflective design of racing car controls, with everything in matt black apart from the instruments. The aim was to ensure a clear and easy-to-read display. The Porsche Design P‘9981 Black follows this tradition.”

The Porsche Design P’9981 Black boasts a durable stainless steel case with black plastic covering and a hand-applied black leather backing for a soft, smooth feel. Beneath the crystal-clear Liquid Graphics ™ touch screen with 24-bit high-resolution graphics and modern sensors for Augmented Reality applications is a black QWERTY keyboard for easy typing.

Packed inside the black smartphone is a powerful 1.2 GHz processor with 8 GB of internal memory and 16 GB of micro SD memory that can be expanded up to 40 GB if needed. The Blackberry 7.1 operating system features the latest-generation internet browser and an exclusive Porsche Design user interface and Blackberry-Messenger-PIN.

The new Porsche Design P’9981 Black Blackberry smartphone looks to build on the success of its stainless steel predecessor that won the “Smartphone of the Year 2012” award from Plus X Award® in May of 2012. The smartphone will go on sale in mid-January of 2013 at Porsche Design stores around the world.

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[Source: Porsche Design]

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