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The new LINNHART R8 Spyder is Tuned for Excitement


Looking to make the perfect summer super car.

The second-generation Audi R8 may be out on the streets but the team at LINNHART Performance Manufaktur has quite possibly made the perfect summer super car from the previous-generation R8 Spyder. The new LINNHART R8 Spyder boasts all sorts of carbon fiber, chassis tuning, and exhaust upgrades that set it apart from your average super car.

For years, LINNHART Performance Manufaktur has been creating high-end carbon fiber components, and they are now worn by the Audi super car. The R8 Spyder was given a new set of front flics to generate downforce at the front axle and a new hood with integrated vents. Special side flaps and a new set of intake fins help create a sleek shape, while a subtle spoiler and a diffuser keep things stable and stylish at the rear.


Although many convertibles sacrifice dynamics and handling for their folding top, the LINNHART R8 Spyder can be fully optimized for the corners. The company’s test driver, David Schiwietz (ADAC GT Masters) and his team will test the car at Hockenheimring and tune it to either “Comfort” or “Ultimate Sport” depending on the customer’s wishes. The chassis is also enhanced with the use of weight-optimized 20-inch Spider Performance wheels that cut 4 kg (8.8 lbs) compared to the factory wheels for better overall performance. As an option, customers can also choose high performance forged wheels.


Protruding from the rear bumper is a new stainless steel exhaust system designed by LINNHART Performance Manufaktur with a freely-selectable three-stage sound pattern. The exhaust is made from high-efficiency stainless steel with thinner pipe walls, resulting in a weight reduction of 15 kg (33 lbs.) and a total of 15- to 20-horspower increase depending on the engine. The LINNHART plug-and-play system allows drivers to switch between the three exhaust modes using an interior button or by radio. In addition, a LINNHART engine management system allows for up to 50 horsepower to be extracted from the V-10 or V-8 engines.

The LINNHART R8 Spyder upgrades are available on Audi R8 models with the V-8 or V-10 engines. Pricing for the entire upgrade package has not been released.

LINNHART R8 Spyder Specifications

-Electronically-controlled, high-efficiency stainless steel exhaust with three sound modes; 15-20 horsepower increase; 15 kg lighter.
-Plug and play exhaust control system
-Optional engine management upgrade; up to 50 horsepower increase

-“Ultimate Sport” or “Comfort” chassis tuning by David Schiwietz at Hockenheimring
-20-inch Spider Performance wheels; 4 kg lighter
-Optional high performance forged wheels

-Carbon fiber front flics
-Carbon fiber hood with vents
-Carbon fiber side flaps
-Carbon fiber intake fins
-Carbon fiber rear spoiler
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser

LINNHART R8 Spyder Gallery

[Source: LINNHART Performance Manufaktur]

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