September 20th National Tradesman Day

National Tradesman Day

Friday, September 20th, 2013 is National Tradesman Day here in the U.S., a day that is certainly worth mention. Unfortunately, this seldom publicized day is to celebrate those who keep America running and help put the country on its feet – Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, etc.

We would be remiss if we failed to mention all the men and women that assemble, maintain and develop our modes of transport — from small cars, to light truck, to trains, to tanks. We honor every welder, fastener, technician, specialist, supervisor and line worker that steps foot into a factory to keep this country (and the world, for that matter) rolling.

National Tradesman Day

We, here at MotoringExposure, tip our hats to those who have brought such stellar vehicles as the Ford Model T, the original Chevrolet Corvette and the Studebakers of old. In recent memory, their Herculean efforts put cars like Ford Escape, Toyota Corolla, Cadillac ATS, and Chevrolet Impala on the road. Tradesmen, thank you for your hard work. America runs because of you.

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We’d like to extend a big ‘Thank You’ to all of America’s tradesman!


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