Grey Design Unveils the Nouvair Design Concept

Grey Design Nouvair

Where Art Nouveau meets the road.

The team that brought us the SC 122 super yacht and Zeus Twelve Sigma are back at it with their latest design concept that is the epitome of automotive art. Called the Nouvair, the new Grey Design concept brings the Art Nouveau movement to the road.


The Grey Design team will be making their official debut as judges at the West Coast Motorshow and to celebrate they unveiled the Grey Design Nouvair conceptual design study. The new concept car features an Art Nouveau form that was inspired by natural shapes and forms. The car itself draws much of its inspiration and design from Czech artist, Alphonse Mucha, who was famous for his unique Art Nouveau creations.

The Grey Design Nouvair sports flawless flowing curves and a graceful, natural design that emphasizes movement and speed with a classic front-engined, rear-wheel drive shape.

As of now, the Nouvair is just a conceptual design study, but we’re hoping that Grey Design decides to move forward with plans to produce the car.

Grey Design Nouvair Gallery


Source: Grey Design

Should the Grey Design Nouvair Concept be put into production?


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