SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – The Dubuc Tomahawk SuperLightCar

Dubuc Tomahawk

SuperLightCar is a Canadian company that has presented a kit car that offers fans of performance driving in an affordable and lightweight package. Their new car, the Dubuc Tomahawk, appeared at the 2014 Montreal Auto Show last month.

The basic package, consists of a 300-pound bonded and bolted aluminum monocoque frame, a polymer body with doors that open 75-degrees, door components and side mirrors, steering wheel support, pre-pierced holes for wires and hoses, dashboard, DOT -approved windshield, transparent removable targa top, and a custom two-seater cabin that accommodates a driver as tall as 6’3″ and weighs just 275 pounds. All of that is priced at only $19,995, according to SuperLightCar.

Dubuc Tomahawk

A Tomahawk could be built in just about 250 hours for a skilled individual, which Dubuc proudly claims is much faster than for most other kit cars on the market. Such a project could cost a total of $30,000. A Corvette would be the ideal donor for its mechanics, but the Canadian company does not mention what engine would best fit the car. SuperLightCar does state whether or not an electric drive will soon be available for the Dubuc Tomahawk. The Tomahawk is ideally a weekend project that should offer modern day sports car performance.


Orders are being taken even as we speak with deliveries scheduled later in 2014.

Source: SuperLightCar

Would you seriously consider the Dubuc Tomahawk kit car as a project?


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