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Watch this Six-Year-Old Do Power Wheel Burnouts

kid power wheels burnout

This kid has the life.

Power Wheels were one of the coolest toys, ever. They pretty much gave you’re the ability to drive a vehicle like your parents and scoot around the neighborhood as if you owned the place. This kid, with a little help from his parents, is probably the coolest kid around thanks to his Power Wheels and his driving abilities.

This six-year-old’s Power Wheels Eliminator has been upgraded with some high-speed motors and gearbox for even more childhood awesomeness. The best part is that the kid knows how to handle the power and can do better burnouts than most of us watching this video can as he spins around in his garage.

We’re guessing this kid is going to be a good driver when he grows up.


Source: powerwheelscd YouTube Channel

Is this six-year-old the coolest kid on the block or what?


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