The Genty Akylone – Approaching Giant or Gentle Teaser?

Genty Akylone

Watch your back, Bugatti. Look alive McLaren. Stay on your hooves, Prancing Horse and Pagani had best look over his shoulder as well. There will soon be a new supercar contender among us. Well…maybe.

French company, Genty Automobile is making a lot of noise about the release of its Akylone supercar. Actually, the carbon-fiber and aluminum beast is making its own noise…sort of.

Genty Akylone

Their latest video, with what we believe to be CGI, features a car that looks svelte and agile; like the sort of vehicle that could serve as a modern day K.I.T.T. for a new Knight Rider series. The engine sound (possibly fabricated) is reminiscent of the harmonious Testarossa V12 or classic Porsche racecar. Thrust is supposed to come from a bespoke engine rated at 1,200 hp and 961 lb-ft. of torque. That should be more than enough to send the Akylone from 0-62 mph in 2.7 seconds and from 0-124 mph in 7.2 seconds…we hope.


The Genty Akylone will be a beautiful alternative to the current crop of land rockets…perhaps.

A full-size, working prototype is set be built once sufficient funds have been raised by the company.

At least there is video to watch while we are sending in our money, twiddling our thumbs and waiting.


Just when we thought we had exciting news…Gosh, Darn It!!

Are you hoping that the Genty Akylone makes it into production?


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