Friday FAIL: This isn’t how you Drag Race at a Stoplight

Friday FAIL Drag Race

Wait for it…

The new C7 Chevrolet Corvette is nothing to take lightly on the road. Whether it’s the standard coupe or the Z06, you’re pushing out over 450 horsepower with ease. With that much power comes responsibility, especially while sharing the road with others.

At this stoplight, a new BMW M3 was sitting next to a new C7 Corvette outside of a car show that the latter wasn’t a part of. The Corvette driver had to show off and started to rev and bait the BMW driver into a stoplight drag race, of which BMW driver didn’t exactly participate.

Turns out that it was a good idea that the BMW driver didn’t go all-out and try to race because the Corvette driver loses control and almost crashes into the center divider, and then barely misses flying off the street. Luckily, the driver is able to gain traction and drive away looking like a total ass in front of a crowd of people filming.

Don’t be stupid with your car folks, especially on crowded streets. Otherwise, you’ll end up on Friday FAIL.

Source: Sloan MacK YouTube

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