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Supercars for sick kids

Giving kids the rides of the lives.

Owning a supercar is quite a special experience and one that is to be cherished. Eric Peterson and his wife Amity have quite the collection of supercars and exotics in their Portland, Oregon residence ranging from Lotuses and Porsches, to McLarens, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and more.

They’re sharing their impressive collection with sick children at local hospitals by giving them the chance to experience the ride of their life. Kids are allowed to pick any car in the collection and are given a special booster seat to ride along.

Four-year-old Gideon was able to pick out his favorite, the McLaren MP4-12C to go for a spin and was even able to start it up. His love for cars is shared with others as he brings Hot Wheels toys to share with his friends in the hospital ward to take their minds off of their illness.

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Source: Eric Peterson

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