Friday FAIL: Why this Guy Wasn’t Worried about the Police in a Chase

Friday FAIL Car Chase

Street justice.

Carjacking and taking police on a high-speed chase through busy, residential streets, parking lots, and highways is never a good idea. That’s just what happened in North Dallas, Texas on Wednesday and it ended with the suspect hoping the police came to his aid.

Forty-year-old Artrai Alexander allegedly stole a Dodge Challenger from a convenience store and took police on a high speed chase. At the end of the chase, he attempted to split between two vehicles that were stopped at an intersection. Unfortunately, he hit both cars. The minivan that was hit had Jessica Liesmann behind the wheel, her boyfriend, Charles Cook, and her son, T.J. inside.

Friday FAIL Car Chase

After being hit, Liessmann checked to see if her son was okay, then her and Cook exited the vehicle and immediately confronted Alexander in the Challenger. T.J. also left the vehicle, obviously in shock over the accident as Liessmann and Cook dragged and assaulted the suspect in the intersection, holding him down until police could make the arrest.

Liessmann, who had just lost her four-year-old child just two days into the school year, was understandably upset and angry over the fact that something else could’ve seriously hurt her other child. “I was just angry. I just lost my 4-year-old child on the second day of school, and to think of something else happening to one of my kids,” said Liesmann, “I just can’t imagine. I’m just grateful, first of all, that he’s OK, and second of all, that that guy is in jail.”

Alexander was also found carrying a gun, and thankfully didn’t use it on the couple looking to send him a message after the accident. Police arrested him and will be charged with aggravated robbery and evading arrest.

Just don’t ever confront someone like this couple did. It is incredibly dangerous, folks. Just let the police handle the situation.

For more on the story, check the NBCDWF website.

Source: Tyler TheSingerNBCDWF

Would you do the same thing if you were hit by someone running from the police?


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