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The Hackett-Williams F1 Pit Stop is a Classy Exchange

Williams-Hackett F1 Pit Stop

A beautiful and precise example of teamwork.

The pits aren’t exactly a clean and neat place to be during a race. The mechanics that man them, however, are precise and skilled professionals that create a true work of art when they harmoniously work as a team on a vehicle.

Williams-Hackett F1 Pit Stop

As a celebration of their partnership with the Williams Formula 1 team, Hackett London created a masterful work of motorsport art. The entire Williams pit crew was outfitted with impressive suits from Hackett London complete with the teams standard shoes, gloves, helmets, and goggles, looking like a motorsport spinoff of Daft Punk.

The team then performed a pit stop as the slow-motion cameras rolled on to capture the grace and beauty of the teamwork and their suits.

Source: Hackett London

Is this the coolest pit stop that you have ever seen?


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