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Melt your Ears with the Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari FXX K Fiorano

This is what 1,036 horsepower sounds like.

The Ferrari LaFerrari was already pretty bonkers in its own right with its 950 bhp output from its hybrid drivetrain, but those crazy engineers at Maranello decided to go further. What they got was the Ferrari FXX K – a track-only version that takes all the unnecessary road-going stuff in the name of speed.

Ferrari FXX K Fiorano

The result of even more engineering on the already state-of-the-art hybrid hypercar resulted in an aerodynamic 1,036 horsepower stallion that carves up tracks like nobody’s business. Thankfully, Shmee150 caught it speeding around Fiorano and making its presence felt.

The new Ferrari FXX K is spectacular. Anybody who writes it off for having a hybrid powertrain needs to watch this video. The sound of the V-12 as it echoes around the track on downshifts and howls as the revs rise create an auditory symphony of pure Italian power.

If anybody still discounts the Ferrari FXX K for being a hybrid, then you need to slap them.

Source: Shmee150

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