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Ferrari F12Berlinetta, Meet Wall. Wall, Meet Ferrari.

Ferrari F12Berlinetta Crashes into Wall

One painful and expensive night out in Dubai.

Dubai is a wonderful place where supercars and exotics roam the fresh asphalt streets surrounded by enormous towers in the desert. It’s not abnormal to see a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti or other exotic supercar speeding through the streets in this wealthy oasis. It’s an enthusiasts dream.

Ferrari F12Berlinetta Crashes into Wall

One night, an AMS Performance Alpha 7 GT-R was cruising with a Ferrari F12Berlinetta, speeding through traffic and seeing if a high-revving V-12 could outgun a tuned twin-turbo V-6. During the one high-speed run, the Ferrari was forced to brake hard due to slower traffic in the middle lane. In order to avoid rear-ending the slower car and prevent a devastating accident, the Ferrari chose to swerve to the right and ran into the concrete wall.

This is just another example of why racing on public roads is never a good idea. Thankfully nobody was hurt and the accident only involved one car.

Source: Zwingfilms

Do you think this Ferrari F12Berlinetta is totaled after crashing into this concrete wall?


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