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More Priceless Ferrari Reactions in Toronto

Ferrari Reaction Episode 6

People’s reactions are almost as entertaining as driving a Ferrari.

Our favorite YouTube Ferrari extraordinaire is back at it with another compilation of reactions gathered from his drives around Toronto. In his sixth Ferrari Reaction Video, the.leviathan gives us the good, the bad, and the typical reactions that he gets from wonderful characters in and around Toronto.

Ferrari Reaction Episode 6

While some are bad, there are a few priceless comments, such as the man who proclaimed “The Mitsubishi Eclipse, same ride! Twenty-six grand!” Because the front-wheel-drive Eclipse can totally take on the F430. Maybe in the ‘Fast and Furious’ films…

While driving in the city, the.leviathan was also able to give a few young kids quite the super car fly by. It’s best to start them young!

Source: the.leviathan

What was your favorite reaction to driving a Ferrari in Toronto?


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