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This is easily the most Badass Burnout you’ll ever see!

Dave Nelson Fire burnout

You can even say that it was ‘Fire’.

We’ve seen some pretty impressive burnouts on MotoringExposure. Muscle cars, exotics, electric cars, and everything in between have shredded rubber for our enjoyment but this one takes the cake. Scratch that, this one bakes the freaking cake with how hot it is.

Professional Drag Racer, Dave Nelson, got behind the wheel of his dragster and had crew members douse the rear wheels in gasoline. Then, they lit them on fire before he mashed the throttle and created a firestorm of burning rubber.

Dave Nelson Fire burnout

This utterly insane burnout saw the flames quickly extinguished as the tires spun and generated smoke before speeding down the strip, but the quick tire-shredding terror show was amazing to watch.

However, this stunt was meticulously coordinated with all the proper safety equipment and measures. Fire is a very, very dangerous thing in racing, and you really shouldn’t ever try this at home or anywhere for that matter.

Leave it to the professionals to do amazing things like this!

Source: GoPro

If you had all the safety equipment in place, would you attempt this kind of burnout?


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