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Ford Explorer Police Gets illegal lane change

Could be a police officer.

Remember the days when the only headlights you had to worry about in your rear-view mirror were those rectangular amber and dull white lights of a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor? Not anymore. Today, you have to be aware of Ford Explorer, Taurus, Chevrolet Caprice, Dodge Charger, and others because the police could be driving them.

Ford Explorer Police Gets illegal lane change

On the I15 South/78 East merge in California, one driver learned their lesson the hard way and will now have those Ford Explorer headlights burned into their memory.

This driver thought they could just budge their way into a lane while cutting off another vehicle. This is an illegal lane change and is usually occurs without any kind of repercussions. This time around, those Ford Explorer headlights belong to a police officer, who according to the video uploader, honked multiple times at the offending driver as a warning prior to the lane change.

So, when the driver finally got over and illegally changed lanes, the red and blue lights lit up and a traffic stop was initiated.

Don’t make illegal lane changes, especially when you see Ford Explorer headlights behind you!

Source: xXChrisissocoolXx YouTube

How satisfying was it to see this SUV making an illegal lane change get pulled over?


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