Cadillac CTS-V Black Diamond Edition Exposed

The CTS-V puts on its Black Diamond tuxedo.

For 2011 Cadillac has unveiled a new Black Diamond CTS-V Special Edition Coupe, Sedan, and Wagon to give the performance line conspicuous style and luxury. The new edition will feature an exclusive new black paint, matching wheels, and a refined interior.

The most striking aspect of the Black Diamond CTS-V Special Edition is the new exterior paint. But, it’s not just a special paint that GM picked out of their color catalogue. The new Black Diamond paint was developed by JDSU, a California-based optical technology firm that specializes in cutting edge color solutions. The dark tri-coat paint is embedded with SpectraFlair Bright Silver pigment, the first automotive application of the JDSU-developed pigment. The SpectraFlair pigment uses aluminum flakes enveloped in magnesium fluoride to create a glass-like appearance, unlike other metallic paints that only contain small metal bits. The special mixture gives off a deep, diamond-like glimmer from any angle.

“The CTS-V Black Diamond Edition is like a finely crafted, tailored tuxedo,” said Michelle Killen, Cadillac exterior paint designer. “The base color may be a simple black, but the details and richness of the material set it apart.”

“Auto makers and consumers are looking to differentiate the color black, an ubiquitous color in automotive,” said John Book, Custom Color Solutions product manager at JDSU. “Black Diamond offers the discerning Cadillac customer a special option color that stands out and remains true to their sense of luxury and style.”

The new Black Diamond Edition will also come with some added styling cues to complement the new Black Diamond paint. The chrome 19-inch five double-spoke wheels that come standard wear a new Satin Graphite finish. Protruding from behind the wheels are contrasting six-piston front, four-piston rear yellow Brembo brake calipers with superb stopping power.

Inside, the Black Diamond CTS-V Special Edition is fitted with top-of-the-line options. The standard bucket seats are replaced with 14-way adjustable Recaro seats that provide improved lateral support. The sport seats come trimmed in soft French-stitched black leather with tan microfiber suede inserts. The door inserts also wear the tan microfiber inserts. A dark Midnight Sapele wood trim is used on the dashboard, center console, and doors and features a special unique grain.

The Black Diamond CTS-V Special Edition will retail for $69,190 with manual transmission. Models with the automatic transmission are priced at $70,490 – a $4,850 upgrade over the base CTS-V. The Black Diamond Edition CTS-V Coupe, Sedan, and Wagon will be available at U.S. dealers starting in March.



Displacement: 6.2 liters (376 cu. in.)
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Supercharged
Maximum Horsepower: 556 at 6,100 RPM
Maximum Torque: 551 at 3,800 RPM

Type: Six-speed manual (std.) or six-speed automatic
Drive: Rear-wheel

-Black Diamond paint with SpectraFlair bright silver pigment
-Satin Graphite 19-inch wheels
-6-piston front, 4-piston rear yellow Brembo brake calipers

-Recaro 14-way adjustable seats
-French-stitched leather
-Microfiber seat and door inserts
-Midnight Sapele wood trim


[Source: Cadillac]

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