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We draw a large amount of men ages 18-34 online, bringing in over 52,000 monthly page views with our sleek and modern website. In the past six months we have grown over 60 percent and have become an authority in the automotive and watch industries. Our interactive and engaging articles have readers tweeting, commenting, digging, facebooking, and sharing with our 8,000-plus followers.

What’s under the hood? (Content)

  • Up to date articles on exotics, sports cars, luxury, and everything high octane.
  • When you want to go faster and look better than the rest, MotoringExposure is your home to the latest aftermarket products from well-known companies.
  • Wednesday Watch: Our watch expert delivers in-depth articles on everything from movements to the histories of your favorite timepieces and watch accessories.
  • Featured Fitment: wheel and tire articles that bring you the sexiest fitments from high-end wheel companies.
  • We also bring readers exciting and funny automotive videos and sightings that bring out the best comments and have readers LMAO- and LOL-ing.

Traffic Details

  • 52,884 monthly page views and that number just keeps getting bigger.
  • Over 8,000 enthusiasts following us on facebook and twitter, and our army of followers is growing every day!
  • We’re pretty interesting. Our low 28% Bounce rate says so.
  • We took our website and turbocharged it! Since then, we’ve seen an amazing 60% traffic increase within last 6 months!
  • Our fans consider us an authority in the automotive marketplace, so much so that we are listed as a “Top 100 Autos” website!

Profile (Demographics)

We’re made up of testosterone and burning rubber – the stuff that wins races.

  • 70% of visitors are men.
  • 40% 18-34 years old.
  • 30% 35-49 years old.
  • No minivans here! Well over 80% of our drivers have no children in their household, and if they do you can bet there is a car seat in their sportscar.
  • 30% of our drivers have an income of 60-100k, 28% have an income of 100k+ (60% of our drivers earn over 60k a year!)
  • 60% of our drivers have earned a degree or completed grad school. They’re pretty smart.

When our readers aren’t out driving cars and wearing stylish timepieces they’re usually checking out the latest news in the automotive industry and looking to buy new cars.

  • 3.3 times more likely to check out the latest in automotive news and information.
  • 2.1 times more likely to be on the search for a new vehicle.


  •  We have 8,000 facebook and Twitter followers and fans that are connected with hundreds of thousands of others. So once our story gets out, you can be sure it will be seen by a lot of people.
  • Our facebook page isn’t all about us; it’s about our massive fan base. Our daily questions and prize giveaways have our fans commenting, liking, and sharing with their friends.
  • We’re just as cool as that rare Bugatti you saw and had to tell all of your friends about. Our stories are always being shared by our fans on Reddit, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and every other social media outlet you can think of!

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