Here are 10 Post Amazon Prime Day 2023 Deals

Post Prime Day 2023 Automotive Deals

Save some cash while you still can!

Amazon Prime Days are over. There’s a ton of stuff that you probably missed – just like us! So, we worked our fingers to the bone to search for 10 Post Prime Day 2023 Automotive Deals that you can still get your hands on and use without spending an arm and a leg. Everything is expensive nowadays and we’re here to help!

1. Wagan 7403 6V and 12V 4.0A Intelligent Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, Fully-Automatic Smart Charger – 29% OFF!

Dead batteries suck and push-starting is a thing of the past because nobody owns a manual transmission anymore. This will help get you out of a sticky situation or make sure that your battery is good to go after being stored for the winter without breaking the bank!

2. AutoSpa 94005AS Bagless Auto-Vac Hand-Held 120V Vacuum – 15% OFF!

If you’re like any normal person, then your car gets dirty. Don’t be that guy with a dirty car. Clean it. This AutoSpa Bagless hand-held vacuum comes with a 12-foot cord, 3-foot hose with a swivel so it doesn’t kink, and a bunch of attachments to clean anywhere.

3. Milwaukee Leather SH866 Men’s Black Deerskin Leather Thermal Lined Gloves – 22% OFF!

If you’ve ever worn a pair of driving gloves, then you know how cool it feels. You go from driving that dreadful commute to a real driving experience just with a pair of gloves. These are made of soft deerskin and thermal-lined for those cold days. Trust us, gloves make all the difference.

4. LUMAX Green 3.75 Gallon Plastic Oil Drain Pan, LX-1631 – 15% OFF!

If you’re like most car enthusiasts, you change your own oil. You also likely make quite a mess. This 3.75-gallon (14 liter) LUMAX oil drain pan takes the pain out of an oil change. It has a 90-degree spout, splash guards, AND handles. There’s not much more you could ask for, honestly.

5. Armor All Car Disinfectant Wipes, Car Cleaning Wipes for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, 30 Wipes Each, 3 Pack – 44% OFF!

Speaking of messes, it’s nice to disinfect your car – especially when you have a lot of passengers. These disinfectant cleaning wipes are perfect if you drive for Uber, Lyft, or have some gross children making messes everywhere. You’ll be glad you threw one or two canisters in your glove box, because you’re going to need some.

6. Lexol Trigger Spray Cleaner and Conditioner Kit with 2 Applicators (4 Items) – Foaming Car Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Kit – 24% OFF!

It’s nice to have a car, truck, or SUV with leather. You should keep it soft, clean, and smooth. That’s where Lexol comes in. Their Spray Cleaner and Conditioner kit has two applicators that allow you to get rid of dirt and grime then condition the leather to keep it smooth and supple – like fine Corinthian leather.

7. Duragloss 903 Car Wash Concentrate – 64 fl. oz. – 15% OFF!

We’re not sure if this is a local thing or national, but car washes are popping up on every corner nowadays. Take care of your vehicle your way – without scratches from a car wash. This Duragloss 930 Car Wash concentrate allows you to keep your ride clean as a whistle for quite some time. It’s also compatible with spray foam guns and other professional car wash equipment. What’s even better is that it shines as it cleans and doesn’t streak or spot the paint!

8. Lisle 54400 Swivel Grip Oil Filter Wrench – 15% OFF!

We’ve all been there doing an oil change. You get the drain plug off and then you just can’t seem to get the filter off by hand because you or someone else decided to torque it like Hercules. Well, this Lisle Swivel Grip Oil Filter Wrench will solve that problem and make your life SO MUCH EASIER.

9. Simple Deluxe Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat, 100% Waterproof Pet Seat Protector with Mesh Window, Scratchproof & Nonslip Dog Hammock for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Standard – 29% OFF!

Fido deserves a nice seat in your vehicle. Dogs are the absolute best. They can also be the absolute messiest things around. This Simple Deluxe Dog Seat Cover is made for keeping back seats clean. It’s waterproof, protects, stays secure, prevents scratches, and is non-slip. Keep your back seat clean and protected. It’s so worth it.

10. LIFELINE 4390 AAA Severe Weather Emergency Road Safety Kit – 66 Pieces – Featuring Emergency Folding Shovel, Fleece Set, Fire Starter, Flashlight and More – 20% OFF!

Severe weather seems to be here to stay. This Lifeline Severe Emergency Road Safety kit has 66 things that will keep you safe. Heck, you can use this as a survival kit even without a car. There’s a fire starter, flashlight, things to keep warm, and a really awesome shovel that can dig, hack, cut, and other things.

Happy Motoring!

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