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BIG FAIL: Clowning Around with an 18-Wheeler

One of the biggest rules that you always need to follow while driving is DON’T BE STUPID. It’s simple, effective, and should ensure that you get to your destination safely.

That rule, however, doesn’t account for other idiots on the road as we can see in this case involving an 18-wheeler and a Ford Fiesta.

The driver of this 18-wheeler and his clown companion were casually driving down a three-lane highway going 65 mph when suddenly, a wild Ford Fiesta appeared and side-swiped the 18-wheeler, sending it into a barrel-roll off the road. The 18-wheeler driver, miraculously maintained control (obviously thanks to his co-pilot) despite going off the road and hitting the Fiesta.

The driver of the 18-wheeler had the same reaction that we all did from watching at home… WTF?!

Just don’t be stupid out there, folks or else you’ll end up in one of our viral car videos!



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