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Watch Mahk Roast the newest Fans of the Chevrolet Blazer!

Mahk new Chevrolet Blazer

… And make a new friend!

If you’ve watched any kind of television, YouTube, or any other streaming service with ads, then you’ve probably seen Chevrolet’s ‘Real People. Not Actors.’ Commercial for their new Blazer. Well, “Mahk” is here to save the day by making the ad more bearable for everyone to watch.

Mahk new Chevrolet Blazer

Mahk’s celebrity status as a Boston comedian has made it virtually impossible for him to sneak in as a real person who’s clearly not an actor in the Chevrolet commercials. This time around, he’s armed himself with a megaphone and become the voice of the new Blazer.

Mahk is able to hide behind the new crossover SUV and roast both the Blazer and its “Real People” fan club that are clearly not paid actors. The comments these regular, every day people who don’t get paid to be actors are absolutely hilarious in and of themselves, but Mahk is here to make sure they know just how bad they really are.

Mahk new Chevrolet Blazer

After they all leave including the weird sweater guy, Mahk and the Blazer have a brief exchange before realizing they share a common hatred of Ponch.

And just like that, they become best friends, doing everything together from surfing to getting blackout drunk at the bar.

But all nice things must come to an end. Mahk puts the Blazer out to the scrapyard and crushes it because in the end, this ‘ain’t no K5, it’s a new Chevrolet Blazer.

Source: Zebra Corner

How much do you hate the Chevrolet ‘Real People. Not Actors’ New Blazer commercial?


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