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Apparently, Some Dodge Viper Owners Can’t Drive Straight!

Dodge Viper vs Dodge Viper Drag Race Crash

Because Rubbing is racing!

We all should know that street racing is dangerous and something that you should just save for the track. We’ve seen so many videos of what can go wrong, and here we have yet another to add to that seemingly never-ending playlist.

Dodge Viper vs Dodge Viper Drag Race Crash

Here we have a fifth-gen SRT Viper and a fourth-gen Viper SRT10 ACR lining up at a stop light with a passenger in the vehicle behind recording video. As the light turns green, both drivers hit the throttle and are off to a drag race.

Well, neither of these drivers are professionals and both cars are notoriously difficult to drive at their limits, with the fourth-gen Viper ACR being very tough to handle due to its lack of electronic aids.

Dodge Viper vs Dodge Viper Drag Race Crash

Well, that turned out to be a recipe for disaster. Shortly after the two began speeding down the road, the Viper ACR lost traction and swerved into the left lane, thus hitting the fifth-gen Viper. This caused the fifth-gen Viper to spin out and crash while the Viper ACR was able to keep going and take home the checkered flag.

If you’re going to lose the race, just take out the opposition, right?

What’s even worse is that according to the video uploader on Reddit, the Red Viper ACR just kept on going, leaving the Black Viper on the side of the road.

Again, don’t street race. Bad things can and will happen. Save it for the track. And grab a cheap dashcam too. Don’t make your passenger film and try to steady the camera. Let them bask in automotive idiocracy through their own eyes.

Source: Reddit

What would you do if someone hit you and then drove away in a drag race?


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