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2017 Lincoln Continental: True To Concept

2017 Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental is quintessential.  Frank Lloyd Wright called the original 1940 model “the most beautiful car of all time.” John F. Kennedy died in a ’61 convertible and made the car infamous and desirable all at once. The suicide doors were as sought after as the Mercedes Gullwing’s.  It’s the car Sinatra and Elvis drove, the one our fathers and grandfathers lusted after. Not seen since 2003 in the lineup, we are overjoyed at the return of the Lincoln Continental.

2017 Lincoln Continental

I may not be bowled over by the boxy styling (neither will some of you), but I am impressed that so much of the original concept made it into production. Side-by-side, you can see the blue Concept spilled over into the white Production Car almost seamlessly.

2017 Lincoln Continental

Chrysler did good transferring from concept to reality with the Viper and PT Cruiser. Now we can add Ford to the ranks of cars that keep dreamers happy. Ahem! Did you hear that, Cadillac?

2017 Lincoln Continental Gallery

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