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5 Must Have Accessories For Every Watch Lover – Wednesday Watch

Every once in a while, the staff of Motoring Exposure receives reader emailed questions about watch winders, boxes, safes, books, and other accessories. This week’s Wednesday Watch is therefore dedicated to popular watch accessories.

Apart from the fact that some of these accessories are a must-have for the true collector or aficionado, they will also make a nice gift, and satisfy the hunger for a new time piece. At least for a bit.

The following is a list of the most important – according to us – top 5 of watch accessories today.

1. Watch Box

While some might think a watch box is a useless accessory for a single-watch owner to posses; we think it’s the sign of a visionary watch lover. If you currently own only one decent watch, but love watches with a passion, more will come. Believe us.

A watch box is important to keep your watches dust free and prevent them from scratching on a surface like your night stand, kitchen table or other places where people tend to temporarily store their watches. There aren’t many rules here and it is a matter of taste as to which watch box you should get. Bear in mind that a watch box with a lock might not stop burglars from grabbing your prized possessions, but it probably will stop your three year old from taking your watches to the playground. Make sure the compartments in the box are wide enough for your timepieces, and that they will store your 36mm Rolex Datejust with the same ease as your 44mm Officine Panerai Luminor Marina.

2. Watch Books

As a collector or fan, you want to become a subject matter expert (SME) on wristwatches. By reading our articles every Wednesday, you are already at the half way mark. However to get to becoming an expert, you need to do what all experts do- study books. Not all information on the internet is as detailed and factual as presented sometimes, especially on watch forums. While we are thorough about the research we conduct, not everyone who posts an article is.

Invest in books based on your passion. If you want to become SME on Omega Speedmaster watches for example, you will need a good reference book to look up all the data and historical background on their models. In this case, not only collectors with years of experience on Speedmasters have written books on this, but Omega too has published a few books on the brand. Visit the brand’s website to find out if they have published a book or multiple books on their watches. Also, go to the large on-line book stores and do a query. There are a few e-stores and brick and mortar shops specialized in watch books, check them out as well. Keep an eye on the differences in prices. Besides books on brands, you can also look out for books on certain collector’s interests, such as diving watches or watches by independent watchmakers. Prices start at a few dollars to hundreds of dollars for a book.

3. Watch Straps

If you thought that your watch will only fit a leather strap from the manufacturer, you could be pleasantly surprised by this message: there are third party straps that will fit your watch as well. Actually, most brand’s straps nowadays are outsourced to strap makers all across the world and these strap makers will also fabricate and deliver straps directly to you. Without the brand name on it of course. There are also very specialized strap shops that will let you select and personalize your choice through materials, stitching colors, sizes and the kind of buckle or folding clasp you want or should attach. By electing to personalize your strap, you can get a perfect fit right down to the single or dual holes on the strap. In some instances, you even get to select the part of the body – for example in an alligator strap – you wish you use, giving your strap a unique and customized look.

4. Watch Tools

To be able to adjust your bracelet, replace or remove a watch strap, or simply to uncork your bottle of fine wine, you need the Wenger Minathor pocket knife with watch tools by Bergeon. Bergeon is regarded as one of the best manufacturers of watch tools and combined with the red Swiss army knife company Wenger, this is a tool to have! Amongst others, this Minathor has a few tools onboard to enable you to switch leather straps and metal bracelets, adjust the final fit, and even enjoy looking at detailed parts with a small loupe. It retails for approximately $130.

5. Watch Winders

If you have a watch with a complicated movement (think moonphase, perpetual calendars and so on), it can be a real time taker to set the watch correctly. Some watches will make you lose your Sunday morning over it, depending on how easy it is to set all functions correctly. The solution is simple – get a decent watch winder for your precious time piece. We have covered watch winders in detail in past articles, but because we are so impressed with them, they get listed as number five on our must–have accessories list.

Just as with watch boxes, It takes time to select a watch winder to suit your personal taste. Wood, aluminum, leather.. they are all available. Make sure to read our more in-depth article on watch winders before taking the plunge, you can find it here.

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