BMW Owner Destroys his M6 “Lemon” in Protest


The best way to show your dissatisfaction with a car is by hitting it with a sledgehammer.

The E63 BMW M6 was quite an impressive car during its time, using a Formula 1-derived V-10 engine to power its Bangle-designed body to triple-digit speeds with ease. But one owner of an M6 Coupe thought the exact opposite and decided to take his frustration on the sports car in public outside of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Pourmohseni Hadi, purchased the 2007 M6 in 2008 and has experienced quite a bit of trouble with the car during his period of ownership. In the five years of owning the car, he experienced numerous mysterious rattles, vibrations, and even severe jolts during gear changes that actually caused his passengers to become nauseous.

The frustrated Hadi contacted and spoke with BMW Italia and the Munich headquarters, which both gave him the runaround. “BMW Italia and the Munich headquarters have pushed the responsibility back and forth,” said Hadi. “I have BMW written a letter – no response. Now I answer! With this action! And I will repeat, with repaired car in Berlin, in front of the Bundestag.”

So, in protest, Hadi and his friend, Thomas Brunner, grabbed a sledgehammer and axe and began to pound and beat on the 2007 BMW M6 in front of the IAA motor show to send a message to the German automaker.

However, Hadi isn’t done with his protest. He plans on getting the entire car repaired and then bringing it to Berlin to do it all over again right in front of BMW.

Although Hadi has every right to complain and use his car as a way to get his message across, but there are a few details that weren’t readily available at the time of the destruction. The number of miles and maintenance records, which could play a role in this issue, is not known. If the M6 is also equipped with the tricky SMG transmission, improper shifting by the driver could account for the severe jolts during shifts.

Maybe he should talk to the owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo that did the same to his car in China.

Source: Autoblog, Bild

Would you do the same to your BMW M6 if your issues had not been resolved?


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