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Carlsson C25 Mercedes-Benz SL600 Exposed

Carlsson C25

Carlsson develops its first Super-GT for the Geneva Motor Show.

Known for exclusive tuning for Mercedes-Benz since 1989, the new Carlsson C25 establishes Carlsson Autotechnik as one of the elite automotive companies. For the first time in company history Carlsson has developed their first automobile. Based on the Mercedes-Benz SL600, the Carlsson C25 is designed to deliver supreme driving performance with everyday drivability.

Powering the Carlsson C25 is a 6.0-liter V-12 Biturbo engine with enough torque to spin the globe. Capable of an astonishing 973 lb-ft. of torque, Carlsson engineers were forced to electronically limit the engine to 848 lb-ft. from 2,000 to 4,000 RPM. A retuned engine management system creates a smooth ride at low speeds, and unleashes a volcano of power through the stainless-steel exhaust as the C25 accelerates to a top speed of 219 mph. At just 5,000 RPM the Biturbo V-12 produces a maximum 753 hp, launching the C25 to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

The Carlsson C25 distinguishes itself with its unique, and sharp design. Powerful shoulders and sharp lines create a muscular look. Large air inlets at the front provide cool air to the potent engine. Located in front and behind the wheelhouses are ventilation ducts that feed cool air to brakes. Downforce is developed by the large, double diffuser at the rear, eliminating the need for front and rear spoilers.

For optimum driving dynamics the C-Tronic Suspension constantly monitors driving dynamics and road characteristics, automatically adjusting the suspension accordingly. This system allows the C25 to provide optimum handling at the racetrack and a comfortable ride on long drives. A powerful braking system has been fitted to ensure unmatched stopping power. Slotted race brake discs measuring 16 inches are fitted at the front axle, while 15-inch race discs are fitted at the rear.

Specially designed lightweight forged wheels have been fitted on the Carlsson C25. Weighing just 24.6 lbs. each wheel is 40 percent lighter than a light alloy wheel. Measuring 9.5×20 inches at the front and 12×20 at the rear, the staggered wheels are fitted with high performance 265/30 R20 front and 325/25 R20 rear tires.

Carlsson C25

The sharp exterior design continues to the redesigned interior, where angular elements are found at the steering wheel, seats, and center console. Race seats, race harnesses, and other motorsport devices are purposefully omitted to create a pleasant driving environment. Tanned buffalo leather and ultra-suede are available in special colors with real carbon trim.

The Carlsson C25 was designed to combine high performance driving with everyday drivability. Production of the C25 will be exclusively limited to just 25 automobiles worldwide, with only one delivered per country. The C25 will be available for 510,510 Euro including German VAT; orders for 2010 delivery have already been filled.

Carlsson C25 Gallery

Carlsson C25 Specifications

Type: V-12 Biturbo
Displacement: 6.0-liters (5980 cm3)
Horsepower: 753 hp at 5,000 RPM
Torque: 973 lb-ft at 3,750 RPM
Electronically limited to 848 lb-ft. at 2,000-4,000 RPM

Transmission: Speedshift five-speed automatic
Drive: Rear wheel

Body and Chassis:
Curb Weight: 4300 lbs.
Suspension: C-Tronic Suspension
Power-to-Weight Ratio: 5.7 lbs./hp

Front Brakes: Slotted 16-inch race discs with 6-piston calipers
Rear Brakes: 15-inch race discs with 4-piston calipers

Front Wheels: 9.5×20 inches
Front Tires: 265/30 R 20
Rear Wheels: 12×20 inches
Rear Tires: 325/25 R 20

Acceleration 0-62 mph: 3.7 seconds
Top Speed: 219 mph

Price: 429,000 Euro net export price
510,510 Euro including German VAT

Production: 25 cars

Source: Carlsson


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