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Get Ready for The Corsa America Rally

Corsa America Rally

The shovels are finally going into storage. The coats and sweaters are slowly migrating to the back of the closet. High-end dealerships are as busy as ever, readying client’s cars for the change of seasons. Drivers are searching for their sunglasses and keys again. It is spring and the driving season has already begun. Rallies are in order.

Corsa America Rally

The Corsa America Rally> is a premier exotic and muscle car rally that features participants from all over the United States, a great experience, a rush of excitement, open roads, and great people.

The next Corsa America Rally event takes place from April 23-27th and spans more than 800 miles in 4 days. Participants will travel from Knoxville through the Tail of the Dragon, down to Atlanta, over to Savannah, and finish in Orlando at the Ritz Carlton hotel. Over 60 participants in some of the most coveted cars will be part of this event.

Corsa America Rally

If you are looking for a chance to truly drive your car on amazing roads, make some new friends, live it up at night at the hottest clubs and stay at the finest hotels in each city, then this is the rally for you. Entry prices start at just $1800 per car. Okay, maybe you have already rented out the timeshare and the wildlife in your garage is being tuned for the summer. Go to and see if you can meet at one of the nesting locations for the rally. This is not the last rally we will inform you of and not the last for Corsa America. Their following event is in Miami from June 12-14. Stay tuned!

Corsa America Rally

Source: Corsa America

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