What if the Auto World was Broken Down into 100 Cars? – Infographic

Auto World 100 Cars Infographic

Breaking it all down.

The automotive industry is really, really, really big. It’s a huge marketplace and there are markets across the globe. With all the different vehicles being made and sold throughout the world, it’s easy to get lost with all the information. Thankfully, the team at NeoMam, took all that info and put it together in one handy infographic.

The Infographic breaks down the entire automotive industry into 100 cars. It takes into account the Automaker, Region they are produced, Area sold, Fuel Type, and Transmission Type.

Unsurprisingly, 23-percent of the cars are a bland shade of white, with 21-percent being black. Only 24-percent wear some kind of color other than white, black, grey, or silver. Can you say boring?

The majority of cars come from Japanese automakers with 29-percent, while zee Germans take second-place with 20-percent and the U.S. and South Korea tied at 12-percent each. These vehicles are mainly made in Asia, amounting to a massive 54-percent, with another 28 percent coming from Europe/Russia/Africa. Most of these cars stay in Asia as 42-percent are sold there while another 26-percent are sold in North America.

In terms of transmissions, manuals still rule the world with 54-percent of vehicles requiring their drivers to row through the gears, and 35-percent being slushboxes. Gasoline is the fuel of choice with 43-percent of vehicles being powered by the fuel type, while 35-percent using diesel. Another 11-percent are either gasoline or diesel hybrids.

This means that the average car is going to be a white, Japanese-made, Asian-sold, Asian-produced, gasoline model with a manual transmission.

Source: NeoMam, buyautoinsurance

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