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Iron Man has a new Car with the 2M Designs Gumpert Apollo S IronCar

2M Designs Gumpert Apollo S IronCar

Forget that Audi R8.

Tony Stark is a rich man who likes to wear a suit of iron and save the world. Thanks to Audi, he drove some pretty fast R8s in the Iron Man films. The team at 2M Designs however, has created a car that suits him even better thanks to a brilliant color scheme and some added styling goodies that is much faster than the R8s he’s used to driving.

2M Designs Gumpert Apollo S IronCar

Called the IronCar, the newly designed and freshly wrapped Gumpert Apollo S is a car with superhero performance, superhero exclusivity, and a superhero price tag. The 2M Designs wrapping and styling specialists decided to show off their skill by making a statement with the exotic with a color scheme that would make Tony Stark proud.

The Apollo S was given a Centurion Red Chrome wrap with a contrasting Black Chrome roof and hood, similar to that of the Iron Man suit. The entire process encompassed 80 hours and during that time, the 2M Designs team also added carbon film to the side mirrors, removed the hood grille cover and replaced it with Lexani glass, and gave the headlights a 5-percent tint.

2M Designs Gumpert Apollo S IronCar

The Audi-sourced 4.2-liter V-8 engine with a pair of turbochargers puts down a whopping 780 bhp and has a top speed north of 220 mph. All that power can be a bit difficult to properly put down on the asphalt so the Apollo was equipped with Michelin Sport Cup tires instead of the factory Pirellis. The factory wheels were also given a liquid rubber finish by 2M Designs to contrast the Centurion Red Chrome wrap.

The Gumpert Apollo S IronCar isn’t available for purchase, but the wrapping and extras that were installed by 2M Designs certainly are. The entire wrap can be installed for 6,800 Euros including VAT while the rubber-coated wheels are available for 250 Euros.

2M Designs Gumpert Apollo IronCar Gallery

Source: 2M Designs

If you were Tony Stark, would the 2M Designs Gumpert Apollo S IronCar be your vehicle of choice?


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