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Mark Ronson’s Piaget Altiplano – Wednesday Watch

Piaget is one of those old & prestigious brands that watch aficionados will respect for their ultra thin watches (and thus movements) and their iconic Polo time piece, but rarely take the next step and buy one for themselves. The somewhat conservative image of Piaget is now being blown away by one of the most successful music producers of this time, Mark Ronson. His name might not immediately ring a bell, but he is the responsible guy for hits from Robbie Williams, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera and the Kaiser Chiefs.

In his latest video called ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’, featuring QTip and MNDR, Mark Ronson is wearing this crazy Piaget Altiplano time piece that resembles that of a vinyl record, accentuating Ronson’s modern and hip DJ style. This Altiplano timepiece has a Piaget 430P mechanical hand-wound ultra-thin movement ticking inside, so it does not only please those in the need of a stylish looking watch, it also pleases those who need a high-end mechanical movement in order to enjoy their watch.

As watches have become bigger and bigger over the last few decades, we at MotoringExposure also see this trend of thinner and smaller watches parallel to the ever growing diameters. Mark Ronson obviously chose to be part of the group that wears smaller watches again. The mechanical movement is as flat as 2.1mm, which is remarkable, to say the least! Needless to say that techniques that are being used to keep it as flat as 2.1mm, will enable Piaget to keep the watch case flat as well.

We don’t believe that big watches are a fad and will disappear, but we also don’t believe that there won’t be a market for small or flat watches next to it. We firmly believe that these two opposites can co-exist! Brands like Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet also show that there is room for both type of watches in one collection.

Piaget is definitely an interesting brand to look at when you are looking for a watch with classical elements. Besides being a jewellery watch brand, the in-house Piaget movements are beautifully constructed and finished. The classic cases of the Altiplano, and Black-Tie collections and the sporty Polo collection demonstrates that Piaget is clearly up to the task of creating haute horlogerie time pieces for men!

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