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Aston Martin Teases the new Lagonda Ultra-Luxury Sedan

Aston Martin Lagonda

Invite-only and limited to the Middle East.

Aston Martin made quite a name for itself with the Lagonda back in the 1970s with the wedge-shaped sedan packed to the gills with all sorts of advanced technology. Today, they’re bringing back the Lagonda as a super-exclusive, super sedan stuffed with luxurious appointments and innovative technology.

During a time where Jaguar/Land Rover are creating a new Special Vehicle Operations Division to create exclusive sports cars and luxury cars, Aston Martin is doing the same with an ultra-exclusive sedan wearing the Lagonda nameplate to satisfy a select few in their customer base.

The new bespoke Aston Martin Lagonda will proudly stick to the marque’s character of being ‘the finest of fast cars.’ Only a very limited production is planned, each being hand built by craftspeople at the Gaydon, Warwickshire manufacturing facilities in a dedicated building where the Aston Martin One-77 was previously built.

The Aston Martin Lagonda is the latest in a line of special and exclusive models from the British automaker such as the One-77 hypercar, V12 Zagato, CC100 Speedster Concept, and Q by Aston Martin car. The Lagonda will be built on Aston Martin’s VH architecture and be designed after the 1976 Lagonda designed by William Towns. Carbon fiber body panels, advanced technology, a potent powerplant, and the utmost in bespoke luxury will be featured throughout the new super sedan.

Aston Martin Lagonda

“The debut of this luxury super saloon in the Middle East market will be an exciting moment not only for Aston Martin, but for discerning customers who are seeking the ultimate in luxury and personalization,” said Marek Reichman, Aston Martin Design Director. “The new model, like its exclusive siblings the One-77 and V12 Zagato, has been created as a piece of exceptional automotive art. It has been designed and developed entirely in keeping with the spirit and ethos of previous Lagonda super saloons – notably the William Towns Lagonda – and as a tribute to this car it proudly bears the Lagonda nameplate.”

Getting your hands on a new Aston Martin Lagonda will not be easy. The new super sedan will only be available in the Middle East due to the market demand and it will only be offered by invitation only. The exact sales price will be kept confidential but reflect the extreme exclusivity, performance, and quality of the Lagonda. Production for the Lagonda will begin in early 2015.

Source: Aston Martin

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