Celebrating National Collector Car Appreciation Day

National Collector Car Appreciation Day

American Collectors Insurance, Rides.com and SEMA have officially announced the date for the fourth annual event of National Collector Car Appreciation Day! What date you ask? July 12th, 2013 from 4pm until 7pm and you had better come early. Thousands of people across the country will once again help raise awareness of the impactful role our beloved hobby plays in our society.

Cherry Hill NJ is where American Collectors Insurance is based and will serve as the meeting place for thousands of owners and countless enthusiasts. Good food, great music and plenty of cool rides will fill their parking lot for a night to remember!

National Collector Car Appreciation Day

If you are attending, ACI is asking you to RSVP. If you want to show off your baby, ACI asks that you register. All this can be done at their website. All entrants will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.

Why is this event important? One reason is because everyone can appreciate a Maserati Gran Turismo or Lamborghini Aventador. It takes a certain taste to appreciate a 32 Ford or 69 Charger. It is also important to bring attention to the exploding market for collector cars and the fact that you can begin a collection without having fat pockets.

National Collector Car Appreciation Day

Finally, this is the heart of Americana and the staple of automotive history. These cars represent where modern technology came from and how the automobile shaped society and industry. It takes just as much craftsmanship to reshape the hood on a ‘49 Mercury as it does to mold the lines by hand on a Bentley Mulsanne.

National Collector Car Appreciation Day

The owners are gate keepers of time and the cars are capsules of a byegone era. Let’s appreciate them as much as we can. Check out all the Collector Car Appreciation events across the country at the SEMA Action Network website and attend one in your area.

Will you be attending the fourth annual National Collector Car Appreciation Day?


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