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This DTM Accident almost killed the Pit Crew – Video


A freak occurrence in Zandvoort.

During the August 24th race in Zandvoort, a freak DTM accident occurred between members of the Mercedes-Benz pit crew, Ralf Schumacher, and an air hose.

After Schumacher began to leave the pits in his C63 AMG Coupe, he started to speed away when the rear spoiler caught one of the hanging air hoses that the adjacent Mercedes-Benz team was using for their race car. When the rear spoiler caught the air hose, it tightened the line and hit the legs, torso, and heads of the pit crew, almost decapitating some of them in a freak DTM accident.

Luckily, nobody died in as a result of the hose being snagged, but four crew members were admitted to the hospital. As of Saturday, three members were able to go home and one was kept at the hospital for observation. We wish all of them a speedy recovery!

[Source:GeertDeGrote YouTube Channel]

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