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Facepalm: Stalling an Aston Martin One-77 in Traffic


Come on, man!

There are some super cars that are in a league of their own such as the McLaren F1 and Bugatti Veyron. The new Aston Martin One-77 can also be considered as part of that class as its $1.7 million price tag is one of the highest in the industry.

Only 77 of the Aston Martin One-77 will be produced, so seeing one of these out in public is a real treat, especially when the driver stalls.

We’ve all been in that awkward position before. Driving a car and then shrug, you’re not going anywhere. So, you turn the key again, embarrassed that you, as an enthusiast, just committed a new driver mistake, and putter on your way in shame.

But, when you’re the owner/driver of a $1.7 million dollar car as shown in this latest One-77 video, and you’re caught showing it off to everyone on a crowded French street, consider yourself a future YouTube star. It probably wouldn’t have been so embarrassing for the driver had he not been showing off. Also, stalling not once, but TWICE as you’re about to turn and people are watching is like being that kid in high school that fell and dropped his lunch in the cafeteria.

[Source: C94paul YouTube Channel]

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