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The Aston Martin Lagonda was one of my favorite luxury sedans when I was a teenager for three very important reasons:

  1. It was an Aston Martin and it was cool
  2. Very few people knew what it was
  3. It was an Aston Martin and it was cool

How I longed for the touch-sensitive screens and hand-stitched exotic materials. I fell in love with the long expanses of angular smoothness and was in awe in its presence. Ignoring the darts thrown at it because of its price and rather suspect quality issues, I was steadfast in my allegiance. I still want one.

Lagonda Test Car

Now there is another sedan rolling around in Gayden. Spy photos from around the world show checkered camouflage over a svelte shape with a long hood and short rear deck. Sound familiar? This is a perfect formula for another Lagonda and a perfect time as well. Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and even Porsche have produced bespoke sedans and with its new partner, Mercedes-Benz, this could be an “uber-chap” of a sedan.

Just imagine an Aston-designed interior – stuffed to the gills with leather and wood (or aluminum), a classically upright, but muscular body filled with an engine bulging with muscle and roaring through AMG exhausts.

Lagonda Test Car

I know what you are thinking: “What about the Rapide?” Well, sources say this could be a limited-production car (much like the One-77) which wouldn’t interrupt the Rapide’s performance in the super sedan show. Besides, by the 2016 proposed introduction, the Rapide would begin to get long-in-the-tooth. Is this an elite halo sedan or just a one-off styling tease like the CC100? Either way, it would be a shame for Aston Martin to get this close to a newer, better Lagonda and not produce it. Aston, you are 100 years old now…..DO IT!!

Should Aston Martin build a new Lagonda?


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