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Friday FAIL: A Pothole Takes Out some Cars!

Friday FAIL: Pothole Damages Cars

Fix the damn roads!

It seems as though there’s a never-ending puzzle of potholes on roads that you have to try and avoid these days, especially if you live in the northern part of the United States. These potholes can range from small cracks between pieces of asphalt to giant craters that go all the way to China. They’re very, very annoying and they can lead to some pretty significant damage to your vehicle.

In Jersey City, New Jersey, someone decided to set up a camera along route 1 & 9 to record drivers hitting the massive pot hole that had to be fixed. The DOT was called about this pothole, but like most government agencies, it takes quite a bit of time to get the ball rolling.

Friday FAIL: Pothole Damages Cars

With there being nothing that people could do to warn others, they filmed the damage that this pothole did to vehicles as they drove over it. At slower speeds, some of the drivers didn’t experience much damage and their suspension was able to compensate. However, a few of the drivers that were going faster hit the pothole hard, slamming their wheels and tires onto the edge of the pothole and causing some damage to the suspension and underbody.

If you’ve ever hit a pothole, this video will bring back frightful memories of driving. If not, you’ll probably get a laugh or two out of it.

Source: iAmTaiBoogie Youtube

Which car got the worst damage after hitting this pothole in New Jersey?


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