Backed by a Larger Fanbase, Huddersfield Heads to the Final

Huddersfield Town FC Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final

A win and they’re in.

On Monday, May 29th, Wembley Stadium will be home to the biggest football match of the year for the Huddersfield Town Association Football Club and Reading Football Club. The Terriers will be looking to win and get a bid to play in the Premier League next year. Their success can also be attributed to the new fanbase that’s backing them, acquired with the help of Club Ambassador and A Kahn Design Public Relations Director, Mohammed Bhana.

Huddersfield Town FC Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final

Bhana’s role as Ambassador was kick \-started by his eight-year-old son after getting tickets through the Huddersfield Town’s Schools Focus initiative. Since going, he and his family were hooked. After becoming a Huddersfield Town Ambassador, Bhana has put his marketing and multilingual skills to use with the club’s advertising team to attract new, passionate, and more diverse fanbase.

“Huddersfield Town has made it clear that it doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are, the only colors that matter are the ones on the Club’s shirt,” said Bhana.

“I think this is good, not just for the football club, but for Kirklees as a whole because it helps to bring people together.

“More people are starting to realize that they don’t have to travel to Liverpool or Manchester to watch first class football; they could just go a few miles down the road and watch football just as good, if not better, at Town for much less.

“There’s no need to support a club from another part of the country when you have one on your doorstep that you can get involved with.”

Huddersfield Town FC Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final

Backed by the new fans, The Terriers have experienced quite a bit of success, reaching the big Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final after beating Sheffield in the semi-finals.

The Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final EFL Championship game will be played on Monday, May 29th at 3:00 PM at Wembley Stadium. Thanks to a new generation of fans and Mohammed Bhana, Huddersfield FC will have quite the support backing their talented players for a win to get into the Premier League. For tickets, please visit the Huddersfield Town FC website.

MotoringExposure wishes Huddersfield Town the best of luck for the big game!


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