Huddersfield Town FC Looking Good to Automakers

Huddersfield Town AFC

Moving up to the Premier League opens up a new market.

Huddersfield Town Association Football Club is looking to make some big splashes in the football world fresh off their exciting Sky Bet Championship Play-Off final win against Reading. With their move on up to the Premier League, Huddersfield Town has opened up a viable new marketplace for car manufactures thanks to their diverse, passionate fanbase.

Huddersfield Town AFC

Mohammed Bhana, Ambassador to the Club and Public Relations Director at A Kahn Design, has been instrumental in growing the fanbase with his effective marketing techniques. Many of these new fans bring with them a great deal of disposable income and are an untapped market for automakers.

“Huddersfield Town is a great fit for vehicle manufacturers who are actively targeting people from BME (black minority ethnic) backgrounds, said Bhana.

“For example, according to media reach research, Indian households are most likely to own multiple cars or vans, with 80-percent of people from the Indian community owning one outright, and there is a massive Indian within close proximity to the John Smiths Stadium.

“If you include other South Asian groups along with the Afro Caribbean community, then manufacturers will be laughing all the way to the bank because the club has increased their fan base from these particular communities tenfold.”

Huddersfield Town AFC

But it’s not just the standard automotive manufactures that should be jumping on the wagon, the demographic also has quite the fondness for premium and luxury brands.

“High end vehicles such as BMW, Range Rovers, and Porsche are also favourites amongst BME business men and women because by owning one it shows that they have made it!”

As the Huddersfield Town Association Football Club prepares and moves up to the Premier League, you can expect to see quite a few more brand new cars in the stadium parking lot.

For more information on the Huddersfield Town Association Football Club, visit their website.


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