Here’s Three Ferrari LaFerrari Apertas in London Making Noises

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta London

Its full V-12 sounds here, folks!

We all love a super-rare exotics and the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta fits that bill perfectly. With only 209 units built, this open-top hybrid hypercar is a thing of beauty.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta London

If there was ever a place to find exotics like these just roaming around, it’s London (despite the heavy traffic). Not one, not two, but THREE Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta were spotting speeding around and making lovely noises. One is triple-layer yellow, red, and pearl white.

Too bad there will only be 209 of these bad boys driving around.

Source: The TFJJ YouTube

Would you pick the pearl white, red, or yellow Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta to drive in London?


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