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Vorsteiner shows off their new Audi R8 V-GT Aero Program

Vorsteiner Audi R8 V-GT Aero Program

Cutting edge.

The new Audi R8 is an impressive vehicle that takes the model into the future with its design. It’s sleek and modern and asserts itself as king of the brand’s lineup. Vorsteiner’s vision for the super car is more aggressive and dominating with their new V-GT Aero Program and it transforms the R8 with a just a few new upgrades.

Vorsteiner Audi R8 V-GT Aero Program

The powerful mid-engined Vorsteiner Audi R8 V-GT has lightweight aerodynamically-optimized add-ons that perfectly integrate with the super car’s design.

The transformation starts with the front of the Audi R8. Here, the fascia appears wider, lower, and more intimidating thanks to the new Vorsteiner V-GT aero chin spoiler. The spoiler spans across the entire bottom of the front bumper and features a center duct that mirrors the shape of the grille. This helps to generate downforce and redirect air in the middle of the R8.

Vorsteiner Audi R8 V-GT Aero Program


The rear of the new Audi R8 features a bit more of a commanding presence with the Vorsteiner V-GT Aero program. Sitting atop the rear fascia is a monocoque wing spoiler that has integrated wing stands as opposed to individual pieces for a lightweight one-piece construction. Below, a new V-GT diffuser replaces the factory unit and boasts deeper, sharper fins that extend into the underbody for better airflow.

Vorsteiner Audi R8 V-GT Aero Program

The new Vorsteiner V-GT aero program for the Audi R8 quickly gives the super car a more impressive and athletic look, while matching the iconic carbon fiber side blades along each side. Not only does it look good, but it’s functional as well.

The new Vorsteiner Audi R8 V-GT aero program is currently available for the R8 models including the brand’s wide range of wheels.

Vorsteiner Audi R8 V-GT Aero Program Specifications

-V-GT front aero chin spoiler
-V-GT rear aero wing
-V-GT rear aero diffuser

Vorsteiner Audi R8 V-GT Aero Program Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

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