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Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse

Supercars are for prestige. They provide objects for the well-to-do jet setters in their game of one-upmanship. The automotive world provides no better game board than Monaco.

Montecarlo Automobile is a car manufacturer founded in 1983 in Principality of Monaco by the engineer Fulvio Maria Ballabio. Ballabio has been a lover of speed for years, enjoying success as an IndyCar Series driver and offshore pilot. The royalty of Principality of Monaco loves his work and has made him the lead manufacturer of fine automobiles.

Now that we have set the back story in place, let us present is the latest product from one of Monte Carlo’s oldest car brands, the aptly named Montecarlo Automobile, the Rascasse.

A BMW-designed 5.4-liter V-12 sits amidships and produces 500hp. This engine has a good pedigree in 1998, powering the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. This new version will feature a supercharger and hybrid system to help boost power and offer all-wheel-drive traction. Montecarlo’s version of the V-12 is capable of running on gasoline or liquefied natural gas. The new hybrid Rascasse is expected to be revealed later this year as part of Montecarlo’s 30th anniversary celebration.

Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse

The interior features wood working reminiscent of the finest yachts and leathers so soft and well-stitched, they seem more appropriate for a fine mansion.

Here at MotoringExposure, we like to provide you with up to the minute information on high-end automobiles. However, we are not able to do so here. Should you be able to offer up the required $655,000 dollars necessary to own one, there are only 15 examples being produced. No doubt, by the time you read this, orders will have been taken and deposits paid for the entire production run.

We apologize for giving you outdated information on what could have been your ultimate supercar game piece.

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In your opinion, is the Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse a supercar dream or another high-end kit car?


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