Motoring Exposure 2015 Year in Review

Motoring Exposure 2015 Year in Review

Say Hello to 2016 by looking back on the automotive year that was!

In case you haven’t noticed, 2015 is drawing to a close. It seems like the entire year has flown by (at least to us) thanks to all sorts of crazy news in the automotive world. It seemed like there was always a new concept making its debut or a new car hitting the auto show floor.

We’ve seen some high-horsepower beasts, the new “Big Three” battle it out between the McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, and Porsche 918 Spyder, and plenty of idiots doing stupid things with their vehicles. We also saw some fantastic sports cars and exotics at the 2015 Gold Coast Concours/Bimmerstock and saw many automakers go with turbocharged engines or just ditch combustion altogether.

All that makes for a pretty exciting 2016, but let’s take a look back at some of the best posts from the past year!

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1. Liberty Walk Debuts Challenger at Tokyo Auto Salon
Liberty Walk is known for their crazy widebody kits and slapping one on the retro muscle car only makes it more imposing. The flared fenders emphasize power and the Challenger has it in spades, especially the Hellcat. But, more on that later…

2. Watch this Guy Make Fun of Muscle Car Enthusiasts

This was the year that ‘Muscle vs. Tuner’ hit in the automotive world with his Youtube videos making fun of virtually every type of car owner. Here, he rips on the muscle car crowd and some of the stupid things that they say about their cars. He’s also pretty spot-on with how car owners can grossly exaggerate the truth.


3. The Project Kahn Evoque RS Sport is a Fuji White Luxury Cruiser
Like a clean, white tuxedo, the Project Kahn Range Rover Evoque RS Sport in Fuji White oozes luxury and class. The small SUV has it all inside and out and gives confidence to any driver. It’s simple yet gorgeous and we love it.


4. Watch this Idiot Crash a Porsche 918 Spyder
We’ve seen some stupid things in 2015, but this one is right at the top. One of the lucky owners of a Porsche 918 Spyder decided to try and show off his lack of skills at a party only to crash in a crowded parking lot after losing control, almost hitting a bystander. Some people don’t deserve to drive exotic cars, let alone any car at all.


5. Set to Stun: Vorsteiner Novara Huracan
Before Vorsteiner finally said ‘goodbye’ to their Novara Huracan that they turned heads with at SEMA, they took it out for a cruise down the South California coastal highway for one final photo shoot. The striking and aggressive aerodynamics, styling, and wheels draped in smooth purple wrap is exactly what the exotic should be, and we’re sad to see it go.


6. Go Double-Cab with the Chelsea Wide Track Land Rover Defender
The double-cab Land Rover Defender pick-up is a straightforward off-road machine. But thanks to the team at the Chelsea Truck Company, it looks even meaner and carries quite a bit of luxury. There’s quilted leather and alcantara inside while extended fenders and beefy wheels and tires are ready to tackle any terrain. It’s a great mix of comfort and all-terrain performance.

7. What the Hell is Wrong with these LaFerrari and 911 GT3 Drivers?
When you have more money than you know what to do with and a false sense of diplomatic immunity, you (believe that you) can do whatever you want and not get punished. That’s exactly what happened with this owner of a Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 911 GT3 did in this wealthy Los Angeles community as they sped through busy streets, ran stop signs, and literally beat the living hell out of their cars. Idiots.


8. Friday FAIL: “The What Year is Your Corvette?” Edition
Some people just don’t know their cars and this Porsche 918 Spyder owner was happy to play along. Instead of making the woman feel stupid for asking what year his Corvette was, he just gave a cool “2015” reply as he drove away in his hybrid hypercar.


9. Watch this Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Kill a Dyno!
Want to see some serious power? We’re talking the kind of stuff that rips your face off if you’re not careful. This Saleen S7 Twin Turbo with its force-fed and tuned 7.0-liter V-8 just obliterates the dyno with over 2,200 horsepower. That, folks, is serious power.


10. This JK Wrangler by Waldy’s Off Road Has All The Goodies And Then Some!
Waldy’s Off Road in Puerto Rico have created quite the monster with the JK Wrangler with virtually every kind of suspension modification and new Fuel Wheels that you could ever want for tearing up the wilderness. It’s fun, it’s blue, and we want to drive it everywhere.

Editor’s Picks:


Time to Go All-Turbo with the Porsche 911 Carrera
For the entire Porsche 911 model history, turbochargers were reserved for the big, bad ‘Turbo’ models. Now, with today’s automotive environment looking to downsize engines and add hybrid technology, Porsche turned to turbocharging their 911 Carrera models. It’s a huge change towards the future and so far, we’re enjoying the ride.


The new Aston Martin Vulcan Will Slice and Dice the Track
While the McLaren P1 GTR and Ferrari FXX K were stealing headlines, Aston Martin was flying under the radar with their own track-only, factory-supported super car in the Vulcan. The 800+ bhp V-12 engine is housed in a shell of lightweight carbon fiber and other materials with hardcore aerodynamics that will make any track scared.


This Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak Run is a Beautiful Must-See
Jeff Zwart is a legend and his latest run at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has put him in a very special club. His 9:46:243 run in the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Turbo – Hill Climb Special broke the virtually insurmountable 10-minute barrier, and it was all captured in a gorgeous film that you just have to see.


SR Auto Group Gives the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Sharper Claws
Take the 707-horsepower, supercharged tire-shredder that is the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, add a full Liberty Walk widebody kit, drop the ride height, and add some PUR Wheels, and you have a stunner from any angle. SR Auto Group did just that and scored some serious looks with the white muscle car.


The Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV is a Carbon Fiber Monster
It was only a matter of time before the Superveloce designation made its way to the Lamborghini Aventador. The new Aventador LP 750-4 SV has all the carbon fiber you could ever want plus a significant power boost that results in a 0-62 mph time of 2.8 seconds and 62-0 mph stopping distance of just 30 meters.


The McLaren P1 GTR will be the King of the Track
There are track-focused, factory-backed cars and then there is the McLaren P1 GTR. Virtually everything was looked at and upgraded to race-spec where necessary to create the unholy circuit star. It spits blue flames, can be dressed in classic liveries from the brand’s storied past, and is no doubt the king of the track.


2015 Gold Coast Concours/Bimmerstock Exposed!
One of our favorite events to cover here at Motoring Exposure is the annual Gold Coast Concours/Bimmerstock held in Glen Cove, NY. The Long Island town plays host to an incredible collection of cars and fantastic people from all over the country to help raise money and awareness for the Diabetes Research Institute.


Middle Age Thoughts On The Porsche 911
M.E. Cribbs takes a look at what makes the Porsche 911 so special and different from the sports cars of today and the past. After overlooking the car for years, Cribbs has gained quite a bit of respect for the car and explains why the new 991-generation models are the best – ever.


Ferrari 488 GTB – GET THAT BOOST!
Replacing the 458 Italia that has aged extremely well is the new, turbocharged Ferrari 488 GTB. Yes, it’s turbocharged, which is something that ruffled a few feathers of die-hard Ferrari enthusiasts. It is more powerful, more high-tech, and faster while being more efficient. It’s a move towards the future that most of us can (and should be) excited about.

Guy Films his Lamborghini Mustang Ferrari Thing POV-Style
Nothing is as priceless as the reactions that you will get while driving a Ferrari F430 in and around Toronto. This was how the “Lamborghini Mustang” was born. The crazy, stupid, and head-scratching comments that YouTube star, the.leviathan, has received while driving are just plain amazing.

Finally, we’d like to thank all of our fans that take the time to read, view, and watch all of the content on our website. You are the fuel that keeps our engines going and we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for reading, liking, retweeting, commenting, sharing, and any other social media function that we have forgotten about for us. Let’s put the pedal to the metal for 2016!

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