The MotoringExposure Year in Review – 2012 Edition

A look back at some of our most popular content!

2012 was a fast-paced year in not just the automotive industry, but around the globe. The world was supposed to end, but we’d like to think that we saved humanity with all of our exciting content. It may be a bit of a stretch, but those Mayans may have just been checking out the latest Porsche or Ferrari on MotoringExposure instead of pressing the “Doomsday” button as their calendar came to an end. You can thank us for buying you time by reading more from our vast array of content.

On a more serious note, we’d like to extend a BIG Thank You to all of our fans that have been with us for this past year. We appreciate your likes, comments, shares, and every other social media button you’ve pressed while reading our content. You’re the gasoline (or diesel) in our fuel tank that keeps our turbochargers spooling and cylinders firing. We will strive to bring you the best automotive content from around the world in 2013 and give you the best online experience possible.

As 2012 comes to a close, we’d like to bring you some of our most popular and favorite content that you, the fans, made possible.

Most Popular of 2012:

USA’s Top 10 Most Searched For Watch Models in Q1 2012 – Wednesday Watch

Our Watch expert, Robert-Jan took a look at what the most searched-for watches in the first quarter of 2012 using statistics gathered from Chrono24.com. The results are interesting and surprising as the list is filled with Omega and Rolex watches along with Breitling, Panerai, and Audemars Piguet.

A Kahn Design takes on the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

The new Ferrari 458 Italia Spider was an incredibly fun and exciting convertible straight from the factory floors at Maranello, Italy, but the team at A Kahn Design equipped it with a new wheel and tire fitment and added a few options to make it the perfect drop top for those sunny summer days.

Megaupload’s Kim ”Dotcom” Schlitz gets his Car Collection Seized

The founder of Megaupload found himself in some hot water with Federal authorities as his business practices came under some scrutiny. His home in New Zealand was raided and his entire car collection was seized, featuring some very expensive automobiles.

All of the James Bond Cars laid out in one convenient Infographic

2012 saw the release of the latest James Bond film, Skyfall. It’s an action packed spy thriller that is arguably one of the best Bond movies in quite some time. For all of you 007 fanatics, we featured the all-time list of James Bond cars in one, big infographic.

The all-new 2013 Porsche Boxster 981 and Boxster S Exposed

The Porsche Boxster and Boxster S is back and better than ever with the new 981-generation model that packs all-new technology, efficient engines, and a new design that points to historic Porsche cars. The new generation of drop-top is more fun than ever before.

Watches in Movies and TV Series – Wednesday Watch

One of the best ways to market watches is by showcasing them in movies with popular characters. Part of the personality of famous characters has been fabricated with the help of timepieces and, in turn, made them into icons. Our Watch expert, Robert-Jan, takes a look at famous watches in movies and television.

The new JMS Tuning Audi A6 C6 Facelift

JMS Tuning in Germany has designed subtle aesthetic and performance upgrades for German cars for quite some time. The C6-generation Audi A6 was one of those German cars to benefit from a range of JMS products and features a strikingly good look.

The Milton Motors 79 Coupe by Lugnegård Design

The Milton Motors 79 Coupe by Lugnegård Design isn’t your average design study or concept car. It’s a vintage roadster that’s packed with old-school muscle and a rat-rod look that will own not just the street but also the racetrack. This is one car to hang on your bedroom wall for years to come.

Power, Performance, Practicality – The new 2013 Audi B8 RS4 Avant

With Audi rolling out their new S models in 2011, we were eagerly anticipating the unveiling of its BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG fighter – the RS4. In January we finally got our first glimpse of the new B8-generation Audi RS4 and boy, did it look good. Plus it has the high-revving naturally-aspirated 4.2-liter V-8 that we’re all fond of. Rock on, RS4!

Jon Olsson shows off his new Audi R8 Snow-Mobile

Famous athletes usually have gaudy sports cars with oversized wheels, tacky modifications, and nauseating interiors. But then there’s Jon Olsson, the professional Skier, and he has himself a carbon-fiber clad Audi R8 5.2 with a supercharged engine and widebody kit that is the ultimate snowmobile. We’d love to take it down the slopes.

Editors Picks:

The 4th Annual 2012 Gold Coast Concours Exposed

Every year, MotoringExposure makes the trip to Glen Cove, New York for the annual Gold Coast Concours/Bimmerstock. It’s a spectacular car show that benefits the Diabetes Research Institute and features all sorts of rare, custom, and vintage cars from all over the country. It’s one of our favorite times of year here at MotoringExposure, and we love to bring attention to a great event with a great cause. See you in 2013, Gold Coast!

The Exclusive Interview with Afzal Kahn of A. Kahn Design

One of our favorite interviews of 2012 was with the British Entrepreneur and Designer, Afzal Kahn. He’s a true car enthusiast at heart and a self-made businessman that can design a wide range of spectacular products.

Bombs Away! The D3 Cadillac Night Hawk CTS-V Exposed

In the world of luxury sports cars the Europeans have dominated for quite some time. Well the Cadillac CTS-V put a quick end to that and our friends over at D3Cadillac have created a monster of a stealth bomber with their 700 horsepower, track-tuned sports car. It’s worth a look and a drive – if you can handle it.

The IWC Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia – Wednesday Watch

In the world of super-exclusive timepieces, there is a new player in the game – the IWC Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia. It’s a 750,000 Swiss Franc timepiece that is the company’s most complex watch ever and doesn’t just tell time, it also shows the star time and the night sky in relation to the wearer’s location. It’s super-expensive, super-exclusive, and super-spectacular.

Friday Fail: The Aston Martin One-77 Crash

One of our favorite cars is the Aston Martin One-77. It’s a halo car for a company that builds super cars. It’s packed with over 700 horsepower, has all kind of high-tech amenities packed inside, and only 77 of them were ever made. Unfortunately 2012 saw the loss of one of the One-77s due to an accident. We’re still recovering from the loss.

Chevrolet Corvette w/D2Forged MB1 Monoblocks – Featured Fitment

As we bid farewell to the C6-generation Chevrolet Corvette in 2012, we were given a superb Corvette Z06 wearing slick D2Forged MB1 Monoblock wheels in a superb fitment. The design, finish, and setup fits the American sports car like a glove, and is one reason why we’ll miss the C6-generation model when the C7 comes out.

Thanks for making 2012 a great year, from all of us at MotoringExposure!

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