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Rally in the Rain with Block, Rossi, and Friends at Monza

Rally Monza

Ken Block and Valentino Rossi take on a wet Monza.

Ken Block, Valentino Rossi, and other professional rally drivers know what to do when there’s an abundant lack of traction and they showed off those skills at the 2014 Monza Rally Show.

This year’s event was soaked with rain, but that just made for some exciting and interesting driving that these skilled drivers were more than equipped to deal with. Thankfully, it was all caught on film by Arproductions Films for all of us to enjoy.

Source: Vimeo
Aldo Ricci – Creative Director
Teo Ripa – Filmmaker
Giuliano Di Franco – Filmmaker
Danilo Mieuli – Assistant
Nicola Terelli – Slow Motion Camera
Filippo Manzo – Filmmaker

Would you like to rally on a wet Monza?


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