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Ken Block’s London Drift gets the Extended Director’s Cut Treatment

Ken Block Hoons London

Hooning for Top Gear.

After Jeremy, James, and Ricard left Top Gear, the producers were left scrambling for new hosts to continue the popular automotive show. One of them, Matt LeBlanc, slotted right in and continued the show’s antics with Ken Block.

Ken Block Hoons London

Arguably, the most popular segments of the 23rd season of Top Gear was when the show shut down parts of London to let Ken Block and his monster all-wheel drive, Hoonicorn Mustang shred the city streets.

With LeBlanc by his side providing fun facts about the great sights and landmarks of London, Block hooned the custom-built American muscle car and its roaring V-8 engine around the English city. Tthe first clip that aired on the show was great to watch, but this new extended Director’s Cut of the stunt is even better.

Source: Top Gear

What London landmark would you like to see from the passenger’s seat of Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang?


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